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Use GoldenHour.One - the first and only app that knows when the time is right to go out and take photos.


  • Time clock ico

    Find the best time for your photos. App will show not only time of golden hour, blue hour and even time for best photo of the Moon.

  • Weather weather ico

    No need to watch the weather yourself, the app does it for you. Three indexes show what conditions you can expect for various type of photography.

  • plan ico Planning

    Map-centric planning tools allow you to find the best place and time for photoshoot. They help you identify when Sun and Moon will be in the exact spot, where you need it.

  • plan ico Remminders

    To make sure you never miss your chance, just quick tap of the bell will add early reminder advanced by chosen time.

News in version 2

reminders ico


GoldenHour.One newly helps with planning of photos of Moon in the countryside. New functions help you find the best time and place for the perfect photo.

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Moon index

To our very liked indexes, we recently added one entirely new one. It can, based on your weather forecast, estimate the expected conditions for photo of photo of the Moon.

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Moon hour

GoldenHour.One can calculate time when lighting of countryside and the Moon will be in the perfect balance. Only in such moment, you can make a picture with magical atmosphere.

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Completely reworked maps show position of sun and moon at any point in time during the day, not only during sunrise and sunset.

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On the map find the point, you wish to make a photo of. The application will calculate distance, azimuth and even elevation. You can easily find the best time when either Sun or Moon is at the exactly right spot you want them at.

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The app will show you all the information you may need for planning of the photoshoot. Azimuth and altitude of sun/moon, Moon phase and % illumination, twilight details, elevation above sea level.


All necessary info on one screen.

  • 24 hr clockface showing the Golden and Blue Hour and visibility of the Moon.
  • Golden/Blue hour time
  • Sunrise/sunset time
  • Moonrise/Moonset time
  • Sky, Light a Moon index
  • Moon altitude, phase and % illumination
  • Buttons for adding of reminders.


Map-centric planning

Beautiful photo needs proper composition. When taking photos, you need the sun in the right position. To achieve this, you need to find the right place to take the pictures. With GoldenHour.One, all you need to do is to move the pin from place to place, to find the best spot.

  • Movable map pins: drag and drop the pin exactly where you need it
  • View azimuth and altitude of sun/moon
  • Map autorotation using the compass
  • Save any location or event
  • Elevation above sea level
  • Distance, bearing and elevation angle between any two points


Go for a trip when is a good chance for your photo.

Beauty of the sky depends on many factors, especially clouds. Too few and the shot becomes boring, too much and colors become dull. To guess your chance of making the best photo, you must take into consideration not only current weather but also predicted development. It is no easy task, but GoldenHour.One is able to do it for you, in their simple indexes it tells you your estimated chances to a good picture.

  • Light index shows the quality of the light during the golden and blue hour.
  • Sky index shows your chance for an unforgettable picture of dramatic sunrise or sunset.
  • Moon index for the best shot of the Moon.
  • Five days forecast
  • Commentary explaining details of the index.